“Jeff Nichols has returned to his home state of West Virginia and we are so happy to have him back in Tyler County. If you recall, Hoppy had some amazing ads on here when he ran for Mayor. Jeff does an amazing job with his advertising. He is creative and his ads are original, colorful, and so well designed.
If you are in need of a great advertising media, Jeff is your man. He was so easy to deal with as he designed the campaign ad for Hop’s run for Mayor.
We dealt with. Jeff while he was still living in Tennessee, and it was as if he lived next door when he gathered information for the ad. He will offer you fast results, and no matter where you live, you will not have to wait forever for a design to be completed. Believe me, you will be immensely satisfied with Jeff’s work ethics and the final results. He will work with you.
Jeff is an outdoorsman and has a sincere appreciation for the people of our state and surrounding area.
We found Jeff to be honest and trustworthy and such a friendly person to work with. I think you will be greatly satisfied with the work he can do for you.
I feel that Jeff really aided in a successful “run” for Mayor John “Hoppy”Hopkins’ campaign. The ads were tastefully and beautifully completed.
Welcome back to WEST VIRGINIA Jeff, and may you have great success as you bring your advertising experience to our state.”

~~ Barbara Hopkins