My One And Only Post About Politics!

So, the world’s eyes on the American election system and everyone seems to be divided. Everyone has their own views and give advice freely to who they think would be a better candidate for them. But ultimately, it comes down to the individual, and what they see in a candidate. I myself, post on Facebook and Twitter as to who I support, I put facts as I see them to share with others who may or may not agree with me. But the golden rule that I live by, is not to actually tell anyone who to vote for specifically. Since those who know me, already knows who I am going to vote for. My posts put out information to cause people to discuss facts, rumors and issues. What really strikes me, is the number of online reporters who are so bias that they should be working at one of the candidate’s campaign office. You see headlines that are so blatantly one-way that you have to wonder if those reporters actually went to journalism school. On the other hand, you have to wonder how their editors got their jobs.

Just like all American’s, those reporters have their choice, their opinions and can choose who they want to win an election, but I am so amazed at the articles day-to-day who don’t use facts or they cut a quote to make it fit their agenda.

The American press is the strongest in the world and what people from across the globe read about us from papers and tv news they take as the whole truth. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually go on YahooNews and actually read an article that puts the issues in a story and then has side-by-side facts?

But that doesn’t sell advertising, it doesn’t sell papers or get you to watch their shows, it is too boring. People love hearing about the conflicts, the ugly side, the fights and the controversies that are out there.

The greatest power that any person has, is the power to elect the person who will serve their country the best, the one who will (in your mind) do the things they say they will do. If you fail to vote, then you have no right to complain, although we have freedom of speech in the USA, it doesn’t help your case to complain about who was elected if you did not take part in the election yourself. Often, I will hear someone say “Man, that guy has really ran the country into the ground, how did he get elected?” and my response to them is, “Did you vote in the last election?”  If they did vote, then we have a discussion, if they didn’t vote, I just shut the conversation down, after I tell them that it is ignorant for them to complain when they did not actually go to the polling place and put in their choice and that if they don’t like things the way they are, to register and vote the next time!

Freedom of speech yes, but when you allow your non-vote to elect the person you don’t want, I blame them personally.

The whole point to this post is two-fold:

1. Don’t listen to just one person, do the research yourself and make the decision through looking at the facts. Disregard news that does not attempt to show both sides equally, because they are not going to give you a true view of the candidates. They will make their choice look like Superman and the other look like Lex Luthor.

2. Get out and vote. register, show your ID (no excuse for not having an ID), and don’t let yourself be pressured into voting any other way than the way you want to vote.

The greatest power of all individual American’s, is to change who is in office with your vote if you feel they have not done their job!


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