Handgun Carry Permit

Today I went to the Tipton County Sheriff Departments handgun carry permit class to take my first step in obtaining my hand gun permit. Myself, along with 22 other gun owners, we were given a lecture, watched a couple videos, went to the shooting range and took a written exam. All 22 passed and the next step is to get our background checks. It was good to meet some new people and see people not only learn, but have fun shooting. If you have not went to a firearms class, I would highly recommend it.

I wrote an article that will be running in the Western Shooting Journal’s May issue about the Tennessee Handgun Permit classes.

Also, like most things, a good day out shooting pretty much beats everything else.

My target after I was done.

My target after I was done.


2 thoughts on “Handgun Carry Permit

  1. Pretty tight pattern Mr. Nichols! I see your aim has not changed over the years. I’ll have to look up that article.

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