Wake up and fight America!

At the start of the Revolutionary War, it took a king to try to control and tax the colonist into submission as a cause for war. The King wanted to confiscate our guns so that he could keep collecting more taxes. As time went on, the colonists decided that enough was enough and America stood up against oppression for the first time in our young history. A country was formed from fighting men who wanted and won freedom. So America was born because strong men stood up, stood together and defeated evil!

Fast forward to San Antonio in the year 1836 where a group of Texans joined by strong Americans fought against a dictator from Mexico to win their independence. When you step back and look at this war, you will see a lot of similarities to our own Revolutionary War. You have a dictator that wants to have total control over his subjects and make them pay for whatever freedoms he allows them. Even though all of those fighting inside of the Alamo lost their lives, their loss gave the rest of Texas the anger and strength to stand up and fight for freedom and they won if not for the words of “Remember the Alamo!”

In World War II the United States tried to stay out of the war, but when Japan decided to attack Pearl Harbor, they pulled the United States together once again, proving that once again if you attack us as a Nation, you have truly “Awaken a sleeping giant!”  The United States did what was needed at that time and fought to make sure that Japan did not get away with killing thousands of people.

And then you have September 11, 2001 when terrorists attack us with hi-jacked planes again killing thousands of innocent people. We stood up, stood together and have been in a war against terrorism ever since. Every American wanted justice to be served and wanted those who planned the attacks to be held accountable for their actions. It did not matter what party you were affiliated with, republican, democrat or independent, we all agreed we needed to fight.

Each of these wars was being perpetrated by leaders (one sort or the other) who thought that we would cower down to them, would be scared and not stand up to them. Well, that backfired in a big way because as Americans, we just do not give up our freedoms to anyone. We live by our constitution and die protecting it.

The point of all this is, why as Americans do we stand up to anyone attacking us from foreign lands but we will not stand up to those in our own country who want to take rights away? Why is it that we allow our government to try mimic countries who hate us, who do not believe that we should live free? While America is the country who comes to the rescue of every country in the world during some of the worst disasters, even our enemies, we are hated and yet we still give more to the world than anyone has ever given us. We don’t complain about that, we don’t ask anyone for anything.

Why is it that we have a government that believes that hard working Americans should “have” to give part of their money to those who could work hard but refuse to? What has happened to the America that stood together and when times were tough we helped our neighbors without being asked to or without being forced to?  Why do we have a government that will force us to buy healthcare under the guise of reform, yet they decide there are some who do not have to live by the rules and then still call it a tax, run by the IRS?

When did we start blaming tools, games, music and movies for the troubles in society? When instead we should blame our justice system and parents for that. We don’t want anyone to be held accountable for their actions, so we allow millions of babies to be aborted because some do not want to be pregnant. Our government would rather glorify abortion, saying it is ok to take an innocent life and then wonder why kids are murdering innocent people. It is ok to rip a baby out of the womb thousands of times a month but it is not ok to defend yourself with a gun.

When is it ok for someone to call themselves a reverend, yet every word out of his mouth is filled with racist hate? When do we allow people like him to talk to large groups and cause hate to grow? Yes it is free speech, but it is only free speech if he does it. If someone speaks out against him, they are labeled a racist. Since when do we allow a religion that is against everything we believe in, like equality, women’s rights and peace even be mentioned in this country. Freedom of religion is a right, but it is not a right to use against all other rights.

Parents, start parenting. Start playing with your kids more, take them camping, fishing, play wiffle ball in the yard. Have game night, make time for each other. When a kid wants to play cops and robbers, it is ok to be a good guy. Let kids be kids, and don’t arrest them for making a pop tart into the shape of a gun!

We should never need a phrase or a disaster to bring us all together. We should never have to say “Remember the Alamo” to make us stand and fight. We should just look around and see what is happening in our own communities and have the guts to stand tall and say enough is enough!

We need a change in this country, we need less government and more people standing up. We need truth and until we get that, we will continue to go backward instead of forward. Some say we need less religion, but personally, I think right now we need God more than ever.


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