Stop The Deer Feeders! Sign The Petition!

Sign the petition to stop the deer feeders and bring back real hunting!

I am starting this petition because I am tired of lazy people going out and using electronic deer feeders to call in deer and killing at will. They are taking away from what hunting is meant to be and not teaching our young hunters how to actually get out in nature and learn to track, read signs and hunt. Just as there are businesses who are making people lazy by field dressing (it is not field dressing if you take it to a business) skinning and then processing (which I have no problem with the processing part),  They claim that some people don’t have time, well, if you don’t have time, then don’t go hunting! You have the responsibility of field dressing and skinning your own harvest, but lazy people not hunters are doing this! Might as well hunt on video games, you won’t get your hands dirty!

But to the main jest of this post, get out and hunt, quit being lazy! Learn the woods and get back to nature and hunt the way our ancestors did! You help no one by being lazy! The only thing you are doing is killing, period! I absolutely hate to see someone’s photo with any deer harvested, saying they took the deer while hunting, when actually, they didn’t get off their butts and actually hunt!

Feeders are fine, if you are trying to eradicate invasive species like feral hogs, but we are not trying to kill all deer! We want our deer to grow so we can match wits with them and try to take that old big buck. WV bucks won’t get big if you call them in with a feeder and kill spikes, 4 points, and small 8 points! Lets grow our bucks, lets grow our herd and lets be hunters and not just killers!

Sign the petition below!

Petition to ban electronic deer feeders

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