Welcome to Jeff Nichols’ Outdoors

west_virginian-headWelcome to Jeff Nichols’ Outdoors and Everything Else.

I have spent my life in the outdoors, always amazed at what Mother Nature has to offer, so it is no wonder I got into photography and dabble in videography. I am originally from West Virginia and a veteran of the U.S. Navy. I love to share images of what I see, and I am not afraid to voice my opinion when it comes to right and wrong.

There is a little bit of everything on this site and I love to share my thoughts, adventures, new things I learn and maybe some humor. I talk about hunting, fishing, cooking, the Second Amendment, some politics and anything else that sparks my interest. So come on in, look around and if there is something you like or something that you think others might like to read, hit the share button at the bottom of the page.

Make sure that you check out my Blog, and if you would like to discuss anything, you can post your thoughts on each article as well, the only thing I ask is that you keep it clean and civil.

Check out my photos at Nichols’ Outdoors on FaceBook.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome to Jeff Nichols’ Outdoors

  1. Hey Jeff, thanks for following my blog “In My View”. I’m an outdoor lover too, so your blog really appeals to me. Look forward to following you as well. — Rob

    • Rob, Thanks for following my blog too. This is my first attempt at blogging so I am kind of all over the place. But outdoors and photography is the main things I love too. I figured since I do have a lot of interests, I would just talk about what is on my mind. Your blog is well put together, I will enjoy reading and seeing what you do. Jeff

      • I know what you mean. I’m new to blogging as well and not sure where I’m going with this, but it’s great seeing and learning from other people’s experiences all over the world. I look forward to seeing more from you as well. – Rob

  2. Hi Jeff ; Checking out an visiting your site . A lot of more freedom Have you seen new movie release Londons Falling looks like an action pack one . Catch you soon..Rob

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