The Internet Conversation!

A few years ago, I was pretty new to the internet and chatting, so I decided to go into a chatroom. What happened next was a real eye-opener to me. I was (at the time) under the impression that people were honest about who they were and what they did, what I found out was not exactly what I expected. So, for fun (with a little truth) I wrote the conversation between a woman and a man below. The text in parenthesis and bold is the true statement. It was meant to be funny, so enjoy, and laugh.

Internet conversation…

Woman: hi, my name is luscious (agnes) I am 24 yrs old (50). I am very fit and sexy (Droopy and pimply). I am single (married) and have no children (4 kids). I look like Shania Twain (Janet Napolitano) and the photo proves we could be twins. I don’t like cybersex (unless you ask me to) and I have a great job and make lots of money (unemployed and take donations from guys online). I am a keeper (at the institution)

Man: hi, my name is Rock (Morey) I work for the government (getting an unemployment check). I am not married (married for 20 yrs) and I have no kids (6 kids, 3 different women). I am 45 yrs old (that’s true) and I am 6 feet 1 inch tall (5’4″) and weigh 200 pounds (125). I look sort of like Charles Atlas (before he started working out). I am looking for a relationship (cybersex) where we can get to know each other better (cybersex) and maybe we can meet someday (and have real sex). I have been told that I am a nice guy (uses women) and that I am very much sought after (by the law). You can trust me (don’t give me your address) . My last relationship went very well, but because I had to move (to jail for stalking) we lost contact (she changed her number). All in all, I think I am a very good catch (there was a large reward for my capture).


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