Progress is not always good

What would you do if the internet went down, Facebook, online games, cell phones or email is no more? Would you be able to function?

We are in a time where the world is living on technology. Every part of our lives is controlled by smart phones, computers, machines and the internet. While I myself am able to communicate worldwide in a matter of seconds, there is a downside to all of the progress we have made in the past 30 to 40 years.

There are several ways that progress and technology has changed our lives for the worse, we have gotten lazy. Machines make jobs easier, more efficient and profitable, by being able to control functions from a computer, or a key board or other remote way, we have forgotten how to work hard. It has caused us to instead getting up, walking down the hall to speak with someone face to face, we call them on the phone, send an email or text them.

This hurts us in many ways. First, we get used to this and sit at a desk all day (I am as guilty as anyone) and get no exercise. We wonder how we get out of shape. We miss out on the face-to-face interaction and being personable with others.

It also costs jobs. For example, if every time you sent an email you instead took the time to hand write a letter, put it in an envelope, buy a stamp, and go to the post office and mail it, the problems with the post office would not be as bad. As a matter of fact, I believe that if people would take the time and write a real letter and send it out once a week, the U.S. Postal Service would do much better.

We hear all this talk about child obesity rates, but a lot of kids these days sit in front of a computer screen, or on their smart phones and play games instead of  going out to ride bikes, play in the dirt and do things kids do. When I was a kid, during the daylight hours I was no where to be found, well, within shouting distance most times. But I was out running around with my friends, whether digging something up, finding critters, fishing or whatever. Now kids don’t leave the house.

All of this technology makes us very impatient too. When we can send an email across the world and get a reply within seconds, it causes the expectation of how long it should take to get an answer. We then demand that everyone reply back to us immediately and if they don’t, something must be wrong!

Dating has taken a whole new turn as well. Not only does progress make it easy to speak with good looking people (so we think) we no longer take the time to get to know someone in person. But that is not really the worst part. With the websites like Ashley Madison and other sites making cheating on your husbands or wives, or boy friends and girl friends easy and anonymous, the morality of the country is going straight to hell! Yes I know, people cheated on their spouses a long time before the internet came along, but not as much as it is happening now.

Of course you never know who you are talking to, as illustrated in The Internet Conversation!

Because of progress, you and your family is less safe, hackers steal identities easier, newspapers post ridiculous maps to show who owns guns, protests online run rampant and people are constantly attacking others anonymously with no fear of repercussion!

Because of progress, we have less attention paid to infrastructure, roads, bridges, skilled labor. People think the next best way to become rich fast (remember the patience) is to become a computer guru. Building games, websites, morally imperfect sites are all ways that some have made billions, yet they all take away from real life. We push our kids to go to college and learn all about these new technologies and forget about the basics that are needed.

People are so addicted to technology that you would be hard pressed to find a teenager working in a grocery store who can manually count out change. Unless we start remembering the basics, the progress is going to tear us down.

Imagine this, if all the sudden the technology failed (computers and internet goes down) for a year, what would you do? Could you survive? Is your life saved on a chip?



Data Piracy: Are Auto-Run Videos on the Internet Stealing Your Data?

Have you ever wondered about the auto-run for videos on FaceBook and just about every other website you ever visit? Even though you can turn off the function, but it takes a bit of digging to find the place to shut it off. It should be illegal for sites on the internet to have the auto-run function to begin with. It is not about capitalism, free trade or anything like that, it is about stealing from your data services, whether you are on you IPhone, IPad, or any mobile device. Once you pass over the video, it begins to play and of course that adds to the data that you use. You should have the choice as to whether to watch a video or an ad if you want to, not because companies make you!

Now some of us have unlimited data, but the auto-run also bogs down your internet connection. Not only is it used for everyday videos we watch, it is also on ads on the side. You go to a site and begin to read down a page and it loads slowly, then you begin to hear the ad play and you know you didn’t click on it. To me, that is data piracy! So, what can you do about it. With Dish Network internet, they have limits on how much data you can use, AT&T also has a limit (although with AT&T I was able to get unlimited years ago and I won’t change my plan) but as a friend told me the other day, his wife got her bill and showed an unusual amount of data used and he could not figure out how that happened, until I explained it to him. Now he is trying to look into the “data piracy” to see if that was the culprit, which I believe it is!

What I believe is, that there is a deal between the internet companies and data service providers to allow this to take place. Like AT&T, once you go over your limit, they automatically give you more data and then charge you an extra $10 on your next bill, and if you go over that amount, they do the same thing. So, is it a partnership between the two, or just coincidence? I don’t know, but I would imagine if there was an investigation that there would be some servers wiped clean again.

The companies will tell you there is a way to shut it off, but magically it always comes back on and you have to find the shut off again! That is not capitalism, that is not controlling what people sell, that is pure theft!

I am planning on doing something about this, but of course you know how things like this go, they say “We will look into it” and then nothing happens. Well, I don’t plan on being one of those people who says “what’s the use” and not do anything.

Answer the poll and then comment on this article and tell us your story on how your data is being stolen!

The Internet Conversation!

A few years ago, I was pretty new to the internet and chatting, so I decided to go into a chatroom. What happened next was a real eye-opener to me. I was (at the time) under the impression that people were honest about who they were and what they did, what I found out was not exactly what I expected. So, for fun (with a little truth) I wrote the conversation between a woman and a man below. The text in parenthesis and bold is the true statement. It was meant to be funny, so enjoy, and laugh.

Internet conversation…

Woman: hi, my name is luscious (agnes) I am 24 yrs old (50). I am very fit and sexy (Droopy and pimply). I am single (married) and have no children (4 kids). I look like Shania Twain (Janet Napolitano) and the photo proves we could be twins. I don’t like cybersex (unless you ask me to) and I have a great job and make lots of money (unemployed and take donations from guys online). I am a keeper (at the institution)

Man: hi, my name is Rock (Morey) I work for the government (getting an unemployment check). I am not married (married for 20 yrs) and I have no kids (6 kids, 3 different women). I am 45 yrs old (that’s true) and I am 6 feet 1 inch tall (5’4″) and weigh 200 pounds (125). I look sort of like Charles Atlas (before he started working out). I am looking for a relationship (cybersex) where we can get to know each other better (cybersex) and maybe we can meet someday (and have real sex). I have been told that I am a nice guy (uses women) and that I am very much sought after (by the law). You can trust me (don’t give me your address) . My last relationship went very well, but because I had to move (to jail for stalking) we lost contact (she changed her number). All in all, I think I am a very good catch (there was a large reward for my capture).