1st Amendment Vs: 2nd Amendment

So, I will make this short and sweet. If the 2nd Amendment meant only muskets, I guess we have to give up computers, landlines, cell phones, TV and Radio because the 1st Amendment meant Voices, Pen and Paper!

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The Gun Debate: Dumb and Dumber and Dumber Show Their Ignorance!

So a new year begins and it is politics as usual against guns. The biggest problem with the gun debate is, the democrats almost always come to the table unarmed (pun intended).

California Representative Adam Schiff along with a partner in dumbness has decided to try to pass a bill that will make gun manufacturers liable for how people decide to use their guns. Here is a tweet that states his intentions:


Now, the problem is, “That’s not how it works, that’s not how any of this works,” to quote the esurance lady.

So how does it work you ask? First, the manufacturer builds a firearm, they then ship to their distributor who then ships it to a dealer. The dealer then sells to a person, who at the time of purchase does go through a background check. Once it leaves the manufacturers warehouse, the only liability on the manufacturer is on craftsmanship and reliability (whether it works right or not for those who are a little slow). So, the only liability on the manufacturer would be if the firearm did not work correctly, or caused injury because of defective parts. The manufacturer is not liable in any way for what an individual does with a legally purchased firearm.

Still having problems understanding, let’s use cars as an example.

Example one: Chevy builds a car then sends it to the dealer. A car buyer comes in, shows license and insurance and pays the money and drives off the lot. The brakes fail and the car careens into a building full of people, who is liable? If you said the manufacturer, give yourself a pat on the back.

Example two:  Chevy builds a car then sends it to the dealer. A car buyer comes in, shows license and insurance and pays the money and drives off the lot. The owner of the car decides to load up cans of gas in the trunk, and runs his car into a building, causing an explosion killing and injuring many. Who is liable now? If you said the manufacturer, please hit your head against the wall. That is the person’s fault.

Same thing goes with guns. If you can’t understand that, then you have an agenda that is not healthy, you are lying to yourself and anyone you try to convince that you are correct. That is what you have in these anti-gun crazies that have no clue what they are talking about.

I will leave you with the ultimate in stupidity from the anti-gunners:

First is a YouTube video from Colorado Representative Diana DeGette

My favorite ad by the Bloomberg fanatics:


Comment below if you can see the problem with this ad.

Now that you are ARMED with facts, use them for good and stop the ignorance from the left.

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What Shall We See at the Movies Tonight? How Safe is That Theater?

It’s Saturday night, and you want to take your wife, girlfriend, family or friends to the movies and you begin to look through the newspapers (or online) for listings in your area. You find a movie that is interesting and that you want to see and the information tells you the time, the location and how much it costs. But you have one other thing that you would like to know that you won’t find in any of the theater listings and that is if it is a “Gun Free Zone” or not and in the wake of the Colorado theater shooting this is something that you feel you should know.

This is where a new smart phone application called the “Gun Free Zone App” comes in handy. You can download the App from ITunes and when you go to a local business you can look to see if it is listed as a place that allows you to carry your weapon with you, or a place that does not.


That is not the only reason John Peden, founder of the GunFreeZone App, decided to develop this application.

“I came up with the app in response to a newspaper in New York posting a map with the home addresses and names of all the registered firearm owners in 2 counties on their website,” he said. “I didn’t like that they were targeting people so I figured that economic warfare is the way to stop gun control. The easiest way to bring economic warfare into play was to let people know where the gun free zones are so they can avoid them and the app was born.”

Since early July the App has more than 36,000 user plateau with over 350,000 locations marked thus far.

“When you open our app, the GPS chip on your smartphone finds where you are, locates itself on a map, and also find the 20 nearest public locations like stores, theaters, parks, and so on. Those are then displayed both on the map as different colored dots and in a list below the map.”

You can input information into the App as a customer or as the owner of a business.

“The user can then select a store from the map which brings up that store’s voting page which asks the user, “Is _______________ a gun free zone?” The user then selects whether the store is a gun free zone or firearm friendly and the mark is immediately shared with everyone else who uses the app. The vote itself is very easy to understand – a gun with a red circle through it means it’s a gun free zone. A gun with a green circle around it means that firearms are allowed.”

When you vote on a store, it’s corresponding dot on the map changes color accordingly. Any dot that is blue means there has not been anyone who has voted on that store yet.

sample screen

With every kind of technology out there, there is room for some errors or inaccurate information John explains. “Because this is a crowd sourced database, there will always be the opportunity for mischief which we can control a few ways. First, the owner of a store can verify who they are to us directly and then lock the vote on their store as either gun free, firearm friendly, or no vote allowed.”

Response has been pretty positive, with the exception of those who want gun control and those who think that the App will be used by criminals to target gun free zones. One group in the past month in direct response to the GunFreeZone built an app of their own so that people could pin point households who own guns.

“They are terrified of the effectiveness we have in organizing the pro-Second Amendment crowd in supporting pro-Second Amendment stores,” he said. “They know that if we tell 80 million gun owners which stores don’t want them as customers, a lot of gun free stores will go out of business.”

The next question is what if criminals use this App to target businesses that do not allow firearms. “My response is to always ask them if they think we’re sharing some big secret. The criminals already know where the gun free zones are, don’t they?” John continues “It’s posted right on the front door of the mall so all we’re doing is letting the good guys know as much as the bad guys already know. Knowledge is power it has been said. Our goal is to keep you and your family safe – “Don’t go into this theater because you’re at a higher risk of being involved in a mass shooting.”

John states the 4 goals he strives for with this app:

1. Stop shopping in stores that support gun control and get more money spent in firearm friendly stores. Vote with your wallet and remind people that if you don’t want my gun, you don’t get my money.

2. Keep people safe and out of high-crime areas by warning them that criminals may have marked the store they’re in for mass murder.

3. Stop unintentional firearm crime. In some states, a gun free zone sign has the effect of law. If people carry concealed past that sign, it’s usually a felony. Also, if someone has a 20 round magazine in their car in Pennsylvania and crosses the border into New York, that’s a felony. We want to warn them when they’re about to do things like that. Another scenario would be concealed carry permit reciprocity – the phone can know where you are and what states honor your CCW and warn you or help plan your trip so you can stay legal.

4. Stop gun control permanently. This is a future feature but we will be able to layer other data on top of the gun free zone map and educate people on the real life impact of gun control. How does a gun free zone (and gun control by proxy) impact things like crime, graffiti, store closings, rental occupancy rates, property values, divorce rates, inflation, SAT scores, and I have no idea what else. We can put any data we want on our map and find correlations. Then, we can teach people in a personalized way what happens when they see strict gun laws. No bias, no hidden agenda – just what these laws mean for you personally. It’s a very, very effective way to teach people about the law of unintended consequences.

The app is free and can be downloaded at iTunes, the Google Play store, or at our website directly at http://www.GunFreeZoneApp.com.

For more information or if you have questions about the app contact John Peden through email at john@GunFreeZoneApp.com or Twitter handle @PedenJohn. The company website is http://www.GunFreeZoneApp.com, Twitter handle is @GunFreeZoneApp and Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/GunFreeZoneApp

The Armed Citizen Project; Helping People Help Themselves

By Jeff Nichols

Kyle Coplen, Executive Director, Armed Citizen Project (ACP), is the quintessential Eagle Scout, is the kind of man that saw a problem and figured out a way to overcome the problem and help others protect themselves, their families and property.

“I visited the home of a WWII vet whose home was vandalized.  The hero, who earned two purple hearts in WWII, was at a doctor appointment, and his home was broken into and severely vandalized,” he said. “Seeing the damage made me start to think of things that society could do to deter these kinds of crimes.  That night, I came up with the idea to train and arm mid-high crime neighborhoods, and to measure the deterrent effects of increased firearm ownership.”

The ACP was created because of the idea that if more people are properly armed and trained, it would be a deterrent to criminals who are likely to target vulnerable people who have no way of protecting themselves. “We are committed to doing two things; arming entire neighborhoods, and arming single women/mothers from the broader community.”

Examining existing crime data, working directly with local law enforcement and with the community to find the areas that are in most need of assistance is how the ACP chooses an area to arm. Once a neighborhood is chosen a free shotgun is offered to households and of those who request assistance through their website with single women/mothers being first priorities, providing the owner passes a background check and takes our legal, safety, and tactical training.


ACP12 and 20 gauge pump-action shotguns is what the program provides to those in need. “Shotguns are cheaper and we can arm more and the sound of racking a shell is scarier to an intruder,” Coplen said. “We are arming folks with a gateway gun.  Once they feel safe at home, they may want to take that next step and feel safe in the car, or in public.”  Also with the lower value to criminals, a shotgun is more likely to stay in the home.

“We have given guns and training to 30 people so far.  Our efforts are going to ramp up in the coming weeks, and we hope to give away up to 1,000 shotguns by the end of the year,” Coplen stated.

The growing program began in Houston, and it is anticipated being in 15 cities by the end of the year.  “We have already announced, in addition to Houston, Tucson, Dallas, San Antonio, and Indianapolis.  In five years, we hope to be in every major city in the United States,” he said. “The community has been very supportive.  The only pushback comes from those who are already have proven that they possess a hatred for firearms.”

If you would like to become part of the ACP in your area, you can do so by simply by contacting the program through their website.  That is how the program expanded into Tucson.  “A big factor in expanding into a new city, is finding a competent and motivated director, Coplen stated. “If someone wants us to expand into their city, they should contact us.  Also, we expand into cities that have shown an inclination to support us.  For example, we chose to expand into San Antonio after noticing a large amount of donations from the San Antonio area.  We want to support the communities that support us.”

It is our hypotheses that criminals do not want to die in your hallway, and that society should use that fear to deter crime.

For more information or if you would like to Donate visit  www.armedcitizenproject.org