Reblog: Ospreys: Their Success Means Increased Responsibility

By Jeff Nichols

Their success means increased responsibility now that the nesting season has heated up, many Osprey lovers and utility companies are trying to keep them from building nests on utility structures. In our last article, we discussed the many deterrents that can be used and explained why sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. It is good to see different organizations such as Boy Scout troops volunteering to help out by building man-made structures for the Osprey to nest on, but to an old stubborn Osprey, that won’t always work… (click the link below)

Ospreys: Their Success Means Increased Responsibility

Osprey Deterrents: What Deters and What Doesn’t?

Ospreys are determined birds!

Each spring they come back to the same nesting site whether it be in a tree, a utility pole, roof or some other structure that meets their requirements and each spring utility companies, city services, transportation departments and others try to convince them to move. While there are many deterrents out on the market, the Ospreys seem to be able to find their way around them and build their nests regardless… (read more by clicking the link below)

Limited Time Offer, Buy 3 and Get 3 at Half Price!

With the Osprey returning and starting to build nests we have a special limited time offer during the 2016 nesting season, buy 3 and get 3 at half price!

This what you don’t want! Prepare for the Osprey Nesting Season Now!

The video below is an example of what could happen if you do not act fast when you first notice an Osprey nest being built on a utility pole. As soon as you see Ospreys beginning to build, you must remove them and install “OFF”-Sprey Raptor Deterrent to force them to look for another place to nest, preferably a natural nesting site or a man-made if trees are scarce. Read more and see the videos at


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Santa and Ospreys are Coming to Town

Now is the time to prepare for the arrival of the Osprey for the spring nesting season.

Every year, Ospreys begin their trek back to the areas that they nest after spending the winter in warmer climates. Many of the raptors fly thousands of miles each year just to lay eggs and raise their young. Unfortunately, not all survive their nesting season due to where they build their nests.

Utility poles are the perfect nesting areas, due to no leaves, limbs or other obstacles that restrict their vision to hunt and watch out for predators. The bad news for the birds are, that they know nothing about electricity and the dangers that await them.

Every year, Osprey nests start fires killing their young, destroying utility poles, shutting down power for customers costing thousands of dollars. Some nest on traffic cameras in Maryland, or on the steel of a bridge that is being constructed, shutting down the work for more than two months.

In South Carolina last year, an Osprey wanted to build a nest on top of a utility pole along side of Hwy 41. Several attempts to deter them by using traffic cones and eventually the Ospreys lost the nest.

One way to prepare for the nest building season, which begins in March and runs through April in most areas, is to install the “OFF”-Sprey Raptor Deterrent .

The “OFF”-Sprey Raptor Deterrent is a very simple device that blocks the access to the utility poles (Ospreys are very claustrophobic) not allowing them to drop limbs and other nest making material on top of the poles. You can see how it works in this video. The video shows the basic model, however there are other models to fit any situation you might encounter and can be customized to fit your specific needs.


Plays on YouTube

Installing the “OFF”-Sprey Raptor Deterrent is about as simple as it gets. Once you purchase the device you can request a link to an install video where you can see  it takes about 10 minutes to do a full install. The video shows the typical wood pole installation, but can be also installed on concrete or steel poles with available banding.

The main thing to remember when installing the “OFF”-Sprey is that you must get the height from the pole to the arms of the device at the correct distance. If you don’t get the right distance, you must make adjustments for it to work correctly. Also, be mindful when installing that the wood on the utility pole is not punky or rotted. You may have to use straps instead of screws to attach the device.

Below is a graphic showing the process for planning where you will need to install your

The best way to prevent injury and death to Ospreys, and loss of power and money to utilities is to plan early and be as tenacious as the birds themselves.

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Protecting the Osprey: “OFF”-Sprey Raptor Deterrent Videos and Social Media

By Jeff Nichols

Here is where you can find all of the individual places to get more information and watch videos explaining how to install the “OFF”-Sprey Raptor Deterrent and watch how it prevents a pair of Ospreys to build their nest on top of a utility pole. Make sure to watch both videos on this page.

Watch the “OFF”-Sprey Raptor Deterrent in Action


When a utility companies discovers a new nest, the linemen remove the nest, but as soon as they leave, the Ospreys return almost immediately and begin rebuilding. On many occasions the nests are only discovered after a nest catches on fire and causes a power outage and possibly injures or kills the birds. The quickest and safest method to prevent this is that when you notice an Osprey starting to build the nest is to remove the nest and immediately install the “OFF”-Sprey Raptor Deterrent. Ospreys are very claustrophobic when it comes to building nests and what the “OFF”-Sprey does is minimizes the space that the Osprey need to build the nest. After many attempts to build the nest and failing, the Ospreys will move on to an artificial platform or more ideally a natural nesting site.

For less than $200, the “OFF”-Sprey Raptor Deterrent can save thousands of dollars in power loss, damage to utility poles and other structures. From the time you open the box, it takes less than 15 minutes to construct and install the “OFF”-Sprey, saving not only money, but time.


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