A Milestone! Thank You for Taking the Time

I would like to thank all of my followers and casual readers for allowing me to hit 10,000 views on my blog! stats.alltime

Many things I write about end up in places I never expected them to, like Rednecks Vs. City Folk which ended up in a discussion on a SB Nation College Football forum. Also, my best one day views on July 3, 2014 was an article about Kendall Jones (www.thekendalljones.com) when she was being attacked by anti-hunters Nature is Much More Cruel Than Humans Could Ever Be.

I do not write every day and when I do, it usually has a point to it. As you can probably see, I love writing about guns, food, West Virginia and anything outdoors (with a little politics thrown in), So it is very humbling to see so many people reading what I write and using my articles in conversations.

Thank you all and I will keep writing and I hope everyone has enjoyed the visit into my life, opinions and adventures.



Jeff Nichols







Scrambled Eggs: Not The Way Your Mom Made Them

Being a bachelor and out on my own since I was 18 years old has taught me a few things about cooking. One thing was, that you can’t fix a huge meal for one person. You have to know your limitations. Another thing I learned, was how to cook. In cooking for myself, I began to throw somethings together and found that sometimes, it is how you prepare will enhance how it tastes (or at least in my mind). So, today, I decided to share how I make my scrambled eggs. When you read this post and hopefully try this, I ask that you come back and comment and rate this post. I want to know what everyone thinks.

Ok, to begin with, it doesn’t matter what you cook in, but I prefer a flat hotplate. It makes it easier to use your spatula. The second thing that I would suggest is that you cook your bacon on the hotplate first, leaving the bacon grease. You can use oil, or butter or whatever you want, I just prefer bacon grease for the taste.

1. Chop up some green onions, mushrooms, hot peppers (and any other ingredient that you like) and put it on one side of the hotplate. Then I crack eggs, and put them on the other side, without busting the yoke.



2. Cook the eggs (sunnyside up) until they are almost done. Making sure that the clear parts of the eggs turn white. Then take the vegtables and put them on top of the eggs and cook for about 1-2 minutes more.



3. I then chop the eggs and vegtables together (do not stir) making sure not to burn the bottom.


4. Personally, I love cheese on everything, so I take shredded cheese (cheese slices work well too) and add it to the eggs and cook for about one minute longer to allow the cheese to begin to melt. This helps keep everything together too.




5. Once your cheese has melted, it is done. Put it on your plate, along with the bacon and toast and you have a great tasting breakfast with a different texture. Enjoy!



I will be posting more recipes, some handed down, some I made up, but all easy to make! Again, please let me know what you think of this by commenting/rating this post. I am interested in how it turned out for you.


A Taste of Heaven: Mister Bee Potato Chips.

If you are from West Virginia everyone has their own reason for going home, family, holidays, Alumni and Mister Bee Potato Chips. I know that sounds funny, but if you are within 200 miles of Parkersburg, you probably know what I mean. You know the old slogan “200 Miles Fresher,” well I can attest in my case it is 600 miles fresher!

Mister Bee has been in continuous operation since 1951 minus a small hiccup in the past couple of years the company is back in operation and in my opinion, better than ever. You see, growing up, there was always a bag of Mister Bee chips in my house, for times when we had burgers, hotdogs or just as a snack. You could not go to a ball field in the local area without seeing the chips being sold there. Mister Bee was without a doubt the best in the state.

Fast forward to now…

When I left home several years ago, before the internet took off I had no idea you could order them online, but in 2006 I had the bright idea to look online to see if they were there and to my delight, they were. I ordered a three pound bag immediately and when they arrived to my door, I devoured them (it took a few days, I promise). A couple of years ago, the economy got in the way of production like it had for so many small businesses and Mister Bee’s future didn’t look bright. Many of my friends and I discussed how we missed being able to go home to get some chips, or order them online, it was truly sad. Mister Bee, being resilient, hired Christie Mallett as the president of the company and now it is back to doing what it has done the best for many years, putting smiles on the faces of those who loved them! Just to tell you how good they really are, on June 3 I left West Virginia with two 1-pound bags of original chips. By Tuesday evening June 5, they were gone. yes, they are that good!

Mister Bee has several different types of chips and even some new products:


  • Original
  • Sour Cream and Onion
  • Barbeque
  • Dip style
  • No Salt
  • Tortilla
  • Cheese Curls
  • Salsa

Now I can say from all of the places I have been around the world that Mister Bee Potato Chips are the best I have ever had anywhere. I challenge anyone who reads this, no matter where you are, order some and then tell everyone about how good they are. I promise, you won’t be sorry.

You can visit Mister Bee on FaceBook and order them online here.