A Milestone! Thank You for Taking the Time

I would like to thank all of my followers and casual readers for allowing me to hit 10,000 views on my blog! stats.alltime

Many things I write about end up in places I never expected them to, like Rednecks Vs. City Folk which ended up in a discussion on a SB Nation College Football forum. Also, my best one day views on July 3, 2014 was an article about Kendall Jones (www.thekendalljones.com) when she was being attacked by anti-hunters Nature is Much More Cruel Than Humans Could Ever Be.

I do not write every day and when I do, it usually has a point to it. As you can probably see, I love writing about guns, food, West Virginia and anything outdoors (with a little politics thrown in), So it is very humbling to see so many people reading what I write and using my articles in conversations.

Thank you all and I will keep writing and I hope everyone has enjoyed the visit into my life, opinions and adventures.



Jeff Nichols







My first attempt at blogging.

After attending the WVU Integrated Marketing Communication’s (IMC) INTEGRATE 2012 on campus in Morgantown, West Virginia, I listened to several marketing/communication professionals and university instructors on how to communicate in the new age of computers and social media. One such professional (and instructor) Mark Schaefer said that to keep up, you need to be out there. By being out there, he meant that you should get a Twitter account, get on Pinterest, and start a blog. The more sessions I attended there, the more I thought, “Yeah, I can do that.” So I opened an account on WordPress and decided to give it a shot. After setting things up, I then came to the realization that I talk alot, but I don’t say much and I started wracking my brain to think of a topic to come up with. I am good at nature photography, but did I have enough to keep a blog going? I love to talk politics, but do I want to get worked up and cause arguments all of the time? I love the outdoors, hunting and fishing, do I make more time to get out into the woods? Sports? The Steelers and Mountaineer football team only play in the fall. I could not pinpoint one thing to talk about.
Then it hit me. I will do it all, as it happens. I get out and take some photos, I blog about it, I get into the woods, I blog about it. I watch my favorite football teams, of course I blog about it.
I may never get rich off of blogging, I may not get anybody to read my blogs, but it will be a great way to talk about the things I like to do and if anyone is interested then maybe we all can learn something. I am going to give it a shot, and hope that it works. So, tell me what you think, and I will do my best to make my topics as interesting as I can.
Oh, by the way, I will share a cool photo or video of the day/week. The photo for today is one that I took in 2004 when I was living in Montana and visited a bear park. This grizzlie bear was only four years old and already weighed in at 700 pounds.

Near Glacier National Park in NW Montana, this four year old, 700 pound Grizzlie was staring me down as I drove around a bear park taking photos.