Do More Gun Laws Really Work

Another terrorist decides to kill Americans and the focus by those who don’t believe in the right for law-abiding citizens to own guns of course blame the gun! if you have read on many outdoor, conservative, firearm and hunting blogs, you have read all of the reasons why the liberals think it is alright to blame guns, gun shops, gun and ammo manufacturers, and all the reasons they are just nuts! Many times I have written about the myth of the assault rifle, as well as the non-existent “gun show loophole!”

I read a comment on an article the other day that said there is no difference between an AR-15 and a M16. So I ask the person that if a car runs over people, can we classify it as a tank? Of course they didn’t have the answer because they were too busy drinking the koolaid! I have done some research, updated the FBI homicide crime statistics on what kills more people.  You can see my slideshow here

You can see a steady decline in the homicide rate, while incidentally, the rate of gun ownership increased, (of course if you take out Chicago, DC and a few other big liberal cities, there are almost no homicides).

So, the liberals in congress, the president and others who do not have a clue about guns decided that terrorists are really not the problem, but the it is the guns fault and they want to make more laws that criminals and terrorists will ignore, instead of enforcing the laws on the books and you have to be politically correct!

So my take is, if they really want to make a difference and slow down the gun violence, they need to make a mandatory maximum sentence to anyone who is convicted of a violent crime using a firearm! You rob a store while armed, 15 years! You shoot someone, attempted murder, no less than 25 years! You take the criminals off the streets and you will slow down the violent crimes! Yes I know, it won’t happen over night, but this is a much better idea than to punish law-abiding gun owners because of the acts of criminals. Terrorists, well, first off, we can’t be held back for calling them what they are! We can’t cower to them and hope that love and hugs will keep them from trying to kill us! We have to get tough and we have to fight back.

When did the liberals become so wimpy? Why is it that they would rather make America a target than to deal with the real threats? They [liberals] love to coddle the people who hate us most and that just doesn’t work! You have people like Michael Moore and Piers Morgan who are peace loving and non-violent types who think that if you grab your guitar and sing to the criminals (and terrorists), that they will drop their guns and sing along! They have gone so far as to take rifle icons off of Apple products. I am guessing because, like the so called “journalist” from the Chicago Sun said when he shot an AR-15, it will give you PTSD!

The second Amendment was written for a reason, and the president, Hillary, Piers or any other liberal thinks they will take our guns away are sadly mistaken.1911-45

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The Second Amendment and Common Sense: Please Use Both


The Second Amendment has been around a long time, it was put into the Constitution to allow all Americans the right to keep and bear arms so that if the U.S. government became tyrannical, that the people could rise up against the government and take the country back. Many arguments are made that the Second Amendment was designed for weapons of that time and does not grow with technology. That argument just does not hold water. Our Constitution is a document that is like no other, it grants us the rights to live free and stay free despite what some who do not agree nor follow it to the letter believes. You have people from other countries telling us how we should interpret our own constitution and how we should ban, what they consider, “assault” weapons. These same people have no clue what an “assault” weapon is, as a matter of fact, they have no clue the difference in the terminology they use, nor how firearms actually work!

Any weapon can be called an “assault” weapon if used in an assault, however, the proper use of “assault” weapon is being misused when the anti-gun groups refer to AR-15s as “assault” weapons. The AR-15 is nothing more than a dressed up semi-automatic rifle. It can only shoot one time per trigger pull. But because it “LOOKS” like a military style rifle, they consider it an “assault” weapon! The AR-15 shoots no different than the common deer rifle, you can use the same sights to aim with, you can put different grips on it, and use many different magazine sizes. But it still only shoots one time per trigger pull. A true “assault” rifle would be considered a fully automatic weapon, or a weapon with a select fire (can select between semi-auto, three round burst or fully automatic). Now that you know the difference, we can move on.

everytown-for-gun-safety-blooperFirst, here is a info-graphic from Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group who do not know the difference between a rifle shell and a bullet when it is fired.

They thought (and I use the term “thought” loosely) that the entire shell is propelled out of the rifle barrel. This kind of ignorance is dangerous, and completely inexcusable for a group who says they know what they are talking about!

Of course, it only gets worse when you have a United States Congresswoman who was a sponsor of a bill to ban high capacity magazines. She states that if you ban the magazines from being produced, that once all of the magazines in existence are emptied, that they will not be able to use them again. What is truly amazing is that the ignorance of this woman stating this was elected! Here the actual clip of her making the argument in all her glory!

Now that we have the common sense of the anti-gun folks out there, lets move on to our own common sense!

Common Sense use of the Second Amendment:

We as patriots, defenders of our Constitution, we have to bring our level of common sense above all others. We have to be able to make our argument, stick to it and not resort to the tactics of those who oppose us. So far, 99.9% of us are doing a great job at that. We can sit down and discuss the issue and make our case in a rational manner all the while watching the anti-gun crowd throw out misinformation, downright lies and of course as their last line of defense start cursing and calling us names.

There are a few who think it is ok to grab their AR-15s and try to make our standing on the issue a spectacle! One thing that we as defenders of the Second Amendment should do, is respect those who we are trying to convince that we are right. I am not talking about the respecting the anti-gun groups because they have their minds made up and they will not change their minds until they are in a situation where they are alone, attacked and have no way to defend themselves. Unfortunately, at that time, it may be too late for them!

Every time I go to town, when I am not working, I am carrying my handgun. During the times when the weather is cooler, it is much easier to conceal my weapon (yes, I have a conceal carry permit), but during the hot summer days it is harder to conceal because of the heat. I will either open carry or wear a light jacket. One time I was shopping in Wal-Mart and had a jacket on a person noticed I was carrying when I reached up to get something, my jacket lifted enough to see my handgun and they commented to the person who was with them, “Look at that, I hate that they can do that in public.”  They didn’t realize I heard them and I kept shopping like nothing happened.

But to walk around with a rifle strap across your back is a bit different, although legal, it sends the wrong message. It is not like having a rifle in a rack in your truck. a scabbard on your horse or even a six-shooter strap to your leg.  Carrying the rifle in shopping is a misunderstanding by others waiting to happen and the only reason you would do that in the first place is to draw attention to yourself and ask to be confronted. Are you within your rights? Yes! Is it smart to do that? No! What it actually does is make people feel more uneasy and does not change the minds of those sitting on the fence on the subject.

So lets say that people get used to seeing you carry your AR-15 into a store, you do it three or four times a week, even have your buddy come in with you carrying as well. The store knows you, trusts you, and in turn anyone who comes in with you. But one day someone comes in that is not there to be friendly and people ignore it, thinking that it is someone just like you and people die. Whose fault is that? Of course it is not your fault, it is the individual who pulled the trigger, but in some ways, you made it normal to see someone carrying a rifle in the open and therefore made the store complacent!

Now a handgun is different, for legal conceal carry individual, the handgun is smaller than a rifle and less intrusive, which means you will not draw as much attention to you as the full size rifle does. Handgun conceal carry or open carry law abiding citizens will carry so that if the need arises, they are ready to take action knowing that bad things can happen very quickly and they might be the only person there to save lives until the police arrive.  Criminals, on the other hand, will almost always conceal it until they begin using it. They won’t wear it in on a holster, more like they will have it in their belt, or in their hoody pocket to pull it out when they think that the place (or person) they are about to assault is at it’s most vulnerable moment.

So, what I am asking, what I am saying is, do NOT make it any harder to protect our Second Amendment Rights by making a spectacle out of yourselves. Use common sense when you are carrying. Be respectful where you are. Don’t be an “in your face” activist, that is not what we are about!  It is one thing to go down to an organized protest, where the point is to show you are able to carry rifles, but to walk into a place, such as the largest airport in the country and try to make your case is just stupid!

I follow the law, the constitution, believe in the Second Amendment and love my guns! I believe every law abiding citizen has the right to keep and bear arms without question. How we use that right, and how we conduct ourselves either strengthens our cause and rights, or in the case of the show-boaters gives ammo to the anti-gun crowd (pun intended)!

Guns: Politics and Common Sense

Things are heating up throughout the United States when it comes to guns, gun control and the second amendment. You have celebrities saying that we need stricter gun control, but yet they make a living making movies that has more death than a major war. They say, well, if we limit the amount of bullets in a magazine, that will make it harder for someone to be able to fire a large amount of bullets, and when they take a second to change magazines it would give people a chance to either stop the shooter or people to escape. In theory that sounds really great, but in reality, it doesn’t quite work that way. The bottom line is, if magazine limits are imposed on law-abiding citizens you are only limiting them from protecting themselves. I read a really good analogy that really struck home.

A woman is home alone with her two children and three armed intruders break into her home in the middle of the night. With no lights on, she grabs her 9mm and shoots a couple warning shots and to no avail they keep coming. She then shoots at the intruders, hitting one of them before her seven rounds are spent. She fumbles around to retrieve another magazine, but drops it in the dark and she is over-taken by the intruders.

This is an nightmare that could come true. Can you imagine what that would be like? Could you be calm enough to be able to handle this situation? I hope that no one reading this will ever have to find out, but wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to fumble around to try and save your families lives?

The one thing that really bothers me, is that in addition to that law, the government is trying to ban what they call “Assault Weapons.” Lets think about what they call an assault weapon and what an assault weapon is.

They would like you to believe that an AR15, which can come in 22, 223 or other similar calibers that are common in many weapons that are legal. This scary weapon is a “Semi-Automatic,” which means on bullet is fired every time the trigger is pulled. It is considered an assault weapon only because it looks like the same weapons that the military uses. The difference is, is that the military model has a select fire mechanism that allows you to use semi-auto, three round burst or fully automatic fire. Of course they both have those scary large capacity magazines which according to a representative from Colorado says if you shoot all the bullets out of a magazine, you can’t use it again. They say if it has a folding stock, or a pistol grip then the civilian model is classified as an assault weapon.

But wait a minute, lets look at some FBI Crime Statistics (which are compiled here Ban These) :

  • From 2007 until 2011 homicide deaths by rifle was on a steady decline 453, 380, 351, 367 and 323 respectfully.
  • In the same time period, homicide deaths by personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc…) were 869, 875, 817, 769 and 728.

Under the logic of those who are wanting to ban assault rifles, they should also ban parts of your body, right? Assault feet? Anything that someone uses to um… assault someone else is an assault weapon (this is where the common sense comes in).

In the same compilation you will find that there are many other things that kill more people than guns, which by the way, never have I seen a gun kill someone.

Try using this information on those in the media, Piers Morgan or some other celebrity who’s heart I am sure cries for anyone who is injured or killed by violence and they will side-step your information every time and blame the NRA, Conservatives or us unruly country people who cling to our guns, bible and the constitution. They want to make a name for themselves as the one, or the group that disarmed America, only to make it a more dangerous place for honest, law-abiding Americans to live. They say that the NRA is only in the fight because they make money off of scaring us, but let me tell you, being an NRA member makes me 1. proud and 2. glad that I have someone on my side to protect my rights! I guess what I am really saying is “I am the NRA!”

Maybe, just maybe if these people who want to ban certain guns would open their minds more instead of their mouths and realize what the problem really is here, then maybe they can make a difference. Not one gun ever shot a person on it’s own. Limiting what an honest American can have only allows criminals to win. I read an article once that the author interviewed a career criminal who went up and down the east coast. He was asked if there was any place he would not invade a home, and his answer was, West Virginia. When asked why, he stated that he would not even attempt it there because everyone had a gun in West Virginia and they were not afraid to use them.

I think that is enough said.